Top 10 Monsoon Hair Care Products in India 2021
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Top 10 Monsoon Hair Care Products in India 2023

Protect your hair during the monsoon with these Top 10 Amazing Monsoon Hair Care Products. During monsoon you may face many hair problems like dry hair, frizzy hair, hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp etc.. To avoid that here are the Top 10 Monsoon Hair Care Products which you can include in your hair care routine.

Monsoon Hair Care Products in India 2021

  1. Coconut Oil
  2. Almond shampoo
  3. Avocado Conditioner
  4. Rice water hair mask
  5. Onion Hair Serum
  6. Neem Wooden Comb
  7. Soft towel
  8. Homemade hair pack
  9. Hair growth serum
  10. Healthy foods

Let us all the hair care products one by one and its benefits 

1.Coconut Oil

The reason you need to use coconut oil is to avoid your hair becoming more frizzy and dry. Rich vitamin a and e in the coconut oil helps to fight the frizzy hair monsoon. Applying it in the night and leaving it overnight helps to promote hair follicles and total hair volume.

Top 3 Coconut Oil to Use During Monsoon 2021

2.Almond shampoo

Harsh weather or the wind may make your hair dull and dry. To avoid dull and dry hair you need to include almond shampoo. Almond shampoo helps to strengthen hair fibres and makes hair soft and smooth. It is also good for hair growth.

Top 3 Almond Shampoo for Hair During Monsoon 2021

3.Avocado conditioner

Due to dull hair your hair may lose its shine or its glossiness. To restore the natural shine and glossiness avocado conditioner is the best solution for hair. Rich biotin, potassium and magnesium in the avocado makes hair smooth, shiny and glossy.

Top 3 Avocado Conditioner for Hair During Monsoon 2021

4. Rice water hair mask

Hair fall is one of the biggest problems during monsoon. And a rice water hair mask is one of the best solutions to fight hair fall. Include a rice hair mask in your hair care routine during monsoon and say goodbye to hair fall. Rice water hair mask helps to fight tangles, thin hair and frizzy hair.

Top 3 Rice Water Hair Mask in India for Hair During Monsoon 2021

5.Onion Hair Serum

Am recomming onion serum to avoid dull and lifeless hair. Cold weather during monsoon makes your hair dry and which may lead to hair breakage and hair fall. Using onion serum helps to reduce hair breakage and makes hair soft and shiny. Onion serum is also good for colour treated hair.

Top 3 Onion Serum for Hair During Monsoon 2021

6.Neem wooden comb

Stop using plastic comb during monsoon. Wooden comb slides smooth through the hair whereas plastic comb may create hair cuticles or hair breakage. So susugetsed using a neem wooden comb during monsoon.

Top 3 Neem Wooden Comb in India 2021

7.Soft towel

Many people use hair dryers during monsoon for hair. Start avoiding using a hair dryer during monsoon because your hair will be so sensitive during monsoon. Using heating products for hair may cause many hair problems. Use an old t-shirt during monsoon.

8.Homemade hair pack

Homemade hair masks or hair packs are always good for hair not only during monsoon but during any season you can use. Using a homemade hair pack during monsoon is safe because it does not contain any harmful chemicals in it.

9.Hair growth serum

The reason you need to use hair growth serum is because in monsoon there will be excess hair fall compared to other seasons. Using hair growth serum helps to avoid hair fall and helps in healthy hair growth.

Best Hair Growth Serum in India 2021

10.Healthy foods

Include healthy foods like dry fruits, apples, bananas, sprouts etc. Eating healthy food will provide required vitamins, minerals and nutrition to your health so that it helps to keep overall health healthy and happy.

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