What is this Mamaearth Almond Oil,Shampoo & Conditioner and Does It Really Work on Hair
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What is this Mamaearth Almond Oil,Shampoo & Conditioner? Does It Really Work on Hair?

Mamaearth Almond Oil,Shampoo & Conditioner- We all heard about almond oil but are you even wondering about this almond shampoo and conditioner? Even me because we all know almond oil is good for hair and almond is also good for health. Now we need to understand how this almond shampoo and conditioner works on hair and what are the benefits of it for hair and scalp.

mamaearth recently lauched an alomdn oil, almond shampoo and almond conditioner and it is very good for healthy scalp and hair. Almonds give deep nourishment to your hair and so that you achieve healthy hair growth. If you have excess dry hair then this is the best shampoo to include in your hair care routine.

Why is it more important to use for dry hair? 

When we don’t give enough nourishment to hair dry hair will start occuring and due to dry hair your hair may become more frizzy, dull and damaged to avoid these problems you need to give deep nourishment to hair.

First let us see about almond oil

Mamaearth almond oil is made with pure almond and pure almond in the oil helps to give deep nourishment to hair. By penetrating deeply into the scalp it gives healthy and strong hair. Best part of this almond oil is it is dermatologically tested and does not have any side effects on hair or scalp.

Mamaearth almond shampoo and conditioner is made with:

1.Cold pressed almond oil- Almonds are one of the powerful ingredients to give deep nourishment to hair and it also makes your hair soft and strong.

2.Vitamin E – It helps to promote cell turnover and regeneration.

3.Wheat amino acids – Due to rich moisturizing properties it penetrates deeply into the hair and increases the elasticity and also protects natural keratin. It also contains the hair shafts.

Benefits of mamaearth almond shampoo

  • Helps to get strong and long hair
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Good for scalp
  • Keeps scalp healthy
  • Gives deep nourishment to scalp and hair
  • Protects scalp
  • Cleanse scalp deeply
  • Free from silicones, parabens
  • Makes hair soft and smooth
  • Dermatalogicaclly tested
  • You can achieve healthy hair after each use
  • Suitable for all hair types

Now let us see the benefits of mamaearth almond conditioner

  • Gives natural shine to hair
  • Reduces hair breakage
  • Makes hair healthy
  • Tames the frizz
  • Gives intense nourishment
  • Helps in healthy hair growth
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • No artificial colours

How to Use Mamaearth Almond Oil, Almond Shampoo & Almond Conditioner for Hair

  1. Part your hair into two halves.
  2. Apply mamaearth almond oil with a comb applicator.
  3. Leave it overnight or 3 to 4 hours.
  4. In the morning apply a small amount of shampoo to all over the hair and scalp.
  5. Gently massage.
  6. Rinse with water.
  7. Then apply conditioner from mid length to tips.
  8. Again rinse with water and enjoy shiny, healthy hair.

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