3 Ways to Use Shikakai for Healthy Hair - Top 10 Benefits of Shikakai for Hair
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3 Ways to Use Shikakai for Healthy Hair – Top 20 Benefits of Shikakai for Hair

Did you know Shikakai is considered as “hair fruit”? Yes, the rich vitamins and antioxidants in the Shikakai have amazing benefits for hair. I have been using Shikakai on my hair since childhood. Let us see what are the 3 Ways to Use Shikakai for Healthy Hair and how it is beneficial for hair.

3 Ways to Use Shikakai for Healthy Hair

1.Boil it and Use

Nowadays many people are addicted to shikakai powder but i would suggest you to use pure shikakai pods. Because currently many brands are adding added colour or other ingredients to it so using them on hair will cause hair problems. So always use natural and pure products to your hair. All you need to do is..

  • Boil 5 to 10 shikakai pods in glass of water
  • Makes sure it is boiled completely
  • Let it cool
  • Then squeeze shikakai pods into the same water
  • Wet your hair and pour squeezed shikaki water on your scalp and hair
  • Massage your head with finger tips for few minutes
  • Then rinse it with water
  • Use at least 2 times month

2.Use it with amla

Shikakai and amla are the perfect solution for itchy scalp and dandruff. Using these 2 ingredients also helps to get smooth, shiny and beautiful hair. Rich antioxidants in the amla fight with dandruff formation and shikakai makes your hair smooth and shiny. Here is how to use these ingredients for hair. 

  • Take 4 to 6 shikakai pods and grid it well
  • Add shikakai powder in the bowl
  • Add 2 to 3 tbsp amla powder to it
  • By adding little water mix both the ingredients
  • Apple the paste on scalp and hair
  • Leave it for half an hour 
  • Then rinse it with water

3. You can use it with Reetha 

Do you know reetha is one of the best ways to control dandruff and hair fall? Due to dandruff you may suffer from hair fall so using one powerful ingredient can fight with both hair fall and dandruff. Rich vitamins in the shikakai and a lot of saponins in the reetha helps to fight hair fall and makes your hair strong and healthy.

  • Soak few shikakai pods and few reetha overnight
  • Boil the soaked water in the next morning
  • Make sure pods are soften
  • Cool it and mash and strain the liquid
  • Use it as shampoo 
  • It will not lather as much as shampoo but it will give you the result
Top 20 Benefits of Shikakai for Hair

Top 20 Benefits of Shikakai for Hair

  1. Softens your hair 
  2. Adds shine to your hair
  3. Fight with dandruff, itching and flakes
  4. Gives stronger and thicker hair
  5. Helps to prevent dry scalp
  6. Delas grey hair
  7. Remove lice from hair
  8. Makes hair smooth
  9. Cleanses your scalp deeply
  10. Helps in healthy hair growth
  11. Good for splits ends
  12. Maintains natural scalp pH
  13. Keeps scalp nourished
  14. Remove dirt and excess oil from scalp
  15. Controls hair fall
  16. Gives relief to your head
  17. Does not makes your hair dry or frizzy
  18. Promotes faster hair growth
  19. Maintains hair natural colour
  20. And Gives natural shine to hair

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