5 Ways To Eat Corn Flakes For Weight Loss
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5 Ways To Eat Corn Flakes For Weight Loss

In a busy schedule, many people do not eat their breakfast. Skipping breakfast every day is not good for health, even many people do gain weight when they skip breakfast. Some people do eat bread or bun in the morning. Eating bread every day is also bad for your health so to keep your health healthy you must need to follow a healthy routine. Eating cornflakes every day can also help to reduce weight. So let us see 5 Ways To Eat Corn Flakes For Weight Loss

5 Ways To Eat Corn Flakes For Weight Loss

1. Eat with Fruits

All you need to do is take 50 grams of cornflakes and add half a cup of milk and add your favorite fruits. Even I do eat cornflakes every day and I have seen a lot of changes in my health. You can add banana, apples, strawberries, blueberries, graphs, etc. Eating cornflakes with fruits will provide enough nutrients to the body and it also helps to maintain a healthy weight.

2. Eat with Dry Fruits

Eating cornflakes with dry fruits not only gives a sweet taste but also controls cholesterol levels. It is also good for blood pressure. Add 1 tablespoon of all the dry fruits into your cornflakes bowl and add hot milk to it. Mix all the dry fruits with cornflakes and eat everyday morning. The rich protein, micronutrients, and calcium in dry fruits help to maintain healthy bones and also maintain your weight.

3. Eat with Sprouts 

Eating half cup of mixed Sprouts every day helps to boost overall health. So you can add half a cup of mixed Sprouts to 25 to 50 grams of cornflakes. Add some finely chopped tomatoes, coriander, and chat masala to it. Mix all the ingredients then eat it everyday morning. Corn flakes and sprouts help to provide the required nutrients to the body and help to reduce weight. 

4. Eat with Boiled Green Moong and Chana

Cornflakes give an even better taste with boiled green moong and channa. Add half a cup of boiled green moong and channa with 50 grams of cornflakes, and add some finely chopped tomatoes, onion, and coriander. Dd little salt and chat masala to it. Eat breakfast in the morning. 

4. You can eat with Yoghurt 

If you don’t like milk with cornflakes then you can add some yoghurt to it. Also add some chopped onion, tomatoes, salt, pepper powder, and coriander to it. 

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