Olive Oil Vs Coconut Oil For Hair - Which Oil Is Good For Hair
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Olive Oil Vs Coconut Oil For Hair – Which Oil Is Good For Hair

Worries about which oil to use for hair? Or do you want to know which oil is good for hair? Then this article is for you. Yes most of the people don’t know whether to use Olive Oil or Coconut Oil for hair. Due to this many people use both the oil or they may stick to some different oil. In this article let us see why to use Olive Oil Vs Coconut Oil and how they are beneficial for hair.

Olive Oil Vs Coconut Oil For Hair 

Olive Oil Coconut Oil
Olive oil is rich in omega-3,  fatty acids and antioxidantsCoconut oil is rich in Vitamin E
Helps to boost overall health of hair and scalpHelps to nourish and moisture hair and scalp
Makes hair thicker and strongerMaintains healthy texture of hair
Increases the lifespan of the hairHelps to control frizzy and dry hair
Repairs damaged hairProtects scalp against lice
Calms down the itchy scalpPrevents splits ends and gray hair
Suitable for thin and lifeless hairSuitable for very dry and frizzy hair
Improve blood circulation to scalp and hairGives deep nourishment to scalp

If you are suffering from thin, lifeless hair then include olive oil in your hair care routine. Coconut oil is suitable for dehydrated or dry hair. Rich vitamins and nutrients in both the oil are good for scalp and hair.

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