How to Take Care of Your Hands During Monsoon 2022
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How to Take Care of Your Hands During Monsoon 2023

Monsoon has already started and as like our skin and hair it’s important to take care of our hands. Yes, especially during monsoon our hands will become more dry, or rough or swollen. So in this article let us see How you need to take care of your hands during Monsoon 2023.

Many of us use hand lotion or hand cream to keep our hands soft and smooth. But these simple tips will not only keep your hand soft and smooth but also protect your hand from the harsh monsoon wind and cold.

Tips to Take Care of Your Hands During Monsoon

#1 – Wash Your Hands Regularly

In a day at least 4 to 5 wash your hands with mild or natural hand wash. Many people avoid washing their hands fregulty but not only during monsoon you need to wash your hand reglary in all the season.

#2 –  Do not us more hand creams and lotion

People do think using hand lotion or hand cream may keep hands soft, smooth and protected. No it’s not true even many hand creams and lotions which you get from the market may contains harmful chemicals and using them for hands will cause many skin problems.

#3 –  Try coconut oil or Olive oil

Every night before going to bed apply a few drops of coconut oil or olive oil all over your hand and palm. Using natural oil for hands helps to avoid dryness and gives deep moisturization to hands.

#4 – Use Rose Water

Like our skin, even our hands need good care. So try to apply rose water to your hands. Rose water helps to heal scars, cuts or burns easily because rose water is rich in antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

#5 – Use Hand Gloves while Washing  clothes or Kitchen utensil

Especially during the monsoon, do not wash clothes or clean utensils with bare hands. You can use hand gloves.

#6 – Once in Week Use Hand Scrub

To get off dead skin use a hand scrub once a week. Hand scrub helps to smoothen and soften dry skin and makes the skin surface clean and neat.

#7 –  Gives steam to your hands

To get rid of rough hands and dry hands, give steam to your hands. At Least once a week a mild steam for hands can help to get super smooth and soft hands. 

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