Onion Oil vs Coconut Oil Which is Better for Hair
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Onion Oil vs Coconut Oil Which is Better for Hair?

Before understanding Onion Oil vs Coconut Oil let me tell you something. If you go back to 1 decade ago or if you ask your grandma about onion oil and coconut oil still they will say coconut oil. Do you know why? Coconut oil is one of the most loving and best ingredients since decades and recently many brands are manufacturing  the onion oil but when you ask our granny about Onion Oil and  Coconut Oil they will still say coconut oil.

So in this article let us see Onion Oil vs Coconut Oil and which oil is better and why?

Onion Oil Coconut Oil
Rich in Sulfur and PotassiumRich in saturated fats 
Strengthen split ends Has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties
Prevent breakageProvides deep  moisture to hair
Helps maintain the pH of the scalp and hairHelp prevent a dry, flaky scalp 
Improves hair qualityVery good for dandruff and split ends
Reduces hair thinning Makes hair shinier, strong and long
Strengthens hair folliclesHelp your hair grow longer, thicker, and faster
Prevents oxidation of hairNourish the scalp
Preventing premature greyingHelp to remove sebum build-up from hair follicles
Suitable for frizzy, dry and dehydrated hairSuitable for all hair types
May have onion fragrance No fragrance 
Onion fragrance may cause headache As it does not have any fragrance so there is no side effects 

So hope you understood the difference. Many people do suffer from hair fall after using onion oil so always check with your doctor before using it for hair and scalp. But using coconut oil does not cause any side effects. 

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