Carrot Juice Vs Beetroot Juice Which One To Drink Everyday
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Carrot Juice Vs Beetroot Juice Which One To Drink Everyday?

When it comes to vegetable juice all the juices are best for health, skin, and hair. There are some juices which are specially made for healthy lifestyle and weight loss. But drinking fruit and vegetable juice every day has plenty of health benefits. Let us see Carrot Juice Vs Beetroot Juice and which one to drink every day.

When it comes to Carrot Juice Vs Beetroot Juice, I would suggest including both juices in your daily diet routine. Instead of drinking a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, start your day with healthy juice. Most people do avoid beetroot juice due to its sour taste and color. But do you know beetroot is one of the best nutrient powerhouse vegetables. Yes, even I do eat better at least 2 to 3 times a week. Some people do eat as a salad along with their meal and some do include it in the juice. But drinking these two juices alternatively has some fantastic health benefits. So let us see more about these two juices.

Carrot Juice Vs Beetroot Juice

Carrot JuiceBeetroot Juice
It’s very good for eyesightHelps to lower blood pressure 
Boost immunityImprove stamina
Enriched with huge nutritionsGood for weight loss
Helps to improve skin healthGood source of potassium and other minerals
Boost heart healthGood for liver health
Rich in fibreLowers cholesterol level
Prevents sun damage Prevents respiratory problems
Supports healthy pregnancyHelps in blood purification
Prevents bloatingFight inflammation 

Both juices are good for health. So drink at least 1 glass of these juices or include raw carrot or beetroot in your meal every day. Now the question is when to drink these juices.

What is the right time to drink beetroot and carrot juice?

You can drink carrots and beetroot or juices early morning after doing brush or after working out. But make sure you’re drinking it with an empty stomach. It is also ok to drink in the evening.

How do beetroot and carrot help to reduce weight?

Weight loss is very easy when you consume the right food every day. These two juices are rich in nutrition and drinking both the juice helps to keep your stomach full for a longer time and helps to reduce the cholesterol level. So that you can eventually see the result after a few days.

You can also mix both ingredients and add some ginger or orange to it for a better taste and drink every day. Including these two juices in your morning routine helps to boost overall skin, hair, and health.

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