Almond Oil Vs Coconut Oil Which Oil Is Better For Hair
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Almond Oil Vs Coconut Oil: Which Oil Is Better For Hair?

Want to know the difference between Almond OIl and Coconut Oil? Then do not miss to read this article. Many people are confused about whether to use almond oil or hair or coconut oil. Both the oil are made with different formulations and processes. Even these two oils have different hair and scalp benefits so let us see more about Almond Oil Vs Coconut Oil.

Since ages almond and coconut oil have been the most loving oils. Still many people fall in love with these two oils. These two oils play a very important role in healthy hair growth. Yes there is a slight difference which you need to follow based on your hair while using these two oils. Let us see more about these two oils.

Almond Oil Vs Coconut Oil

Almond OilCoconut Oil
Rich in Vitamin A and mineralsCoconut oils are rich in Vitamin E 
Helps in hair growth Promotes healthy hair growth
Controls hair greyingPrevents baldness and grey hair
Reduces dandruff formation Removes dandruff
Helps to boost strength of hair folliclesNourishes dry hair
Improves scalp condition Gives deep nourishment to scalp
Repairs damage and dull hairRepairs dry and frizzy hair 
Controls split ends Makes hair soft and smooth 
Restore the lost moisturePrevents sebum production 
Helps in proper blood circulation for hair follicles Ads lustre and shine to hair
Gives longer shine to hairReduces scalp inflammation 
Applicable for dry and sensitive scalp and also best for dry and damaged hair Good for frizzy,dry, damaged and colour treated hair

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