Eat This Instead of That SNACKING Formula for Weight Loss
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Eat This Instead of That : SNACKING Formula for Weight Loss

Want to balance your weight? Then Eat This Instead of That. Thinking about what is Eat This Instead of That? No worries will be seen in the article about this. Yes, most of us are addicted to a lot of junk, oily, fried, unhealthy food nowadays. But eating unhealthy food daily is not ok when you would like to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. So you can eat some amazing food instead of junk food for weight loss. Let us see what you can eat instead of junk food.

Due to busy schedules we all love to eat packed food, junk food, bread, sweets, etc in the morning or at lunch time. But eating processed food, packed food, and unhealthy food may lead to many health problems. To avoid that you must follow a proper lifestyle. Eating healthy food can also keep your body healthy and maintain weight.

Eat This Instead of That : SNACKING Formula for Weight Loss

Eat This Instead of This
Salad: Eat salad everyday Instead of eating junk food like burgers, pizza, bread, fries etc.. Eating salad helps to provide enough nutrition to body and keep your weight maintainedJunk Food : High calories, rich sugar, carbohydrates in the junk food will affect your health and it may also cause sudden weight gain, sugar etc.
Juice: Prepare fruit juice, vegetable juice at home to avoid unwanted added sugar, and other carbohydrates. Drinking natural juice helps to keep your stomach full for a longer period.Packed Juices : Drinking packed juices can increase risk of insulin resistance. Packed juice is filled with sugar and other substituents.
Fruits :In a day eat at least 3 to 4 varieties of fruits. For breakfast you can have a bowl full of mixed fruits with oats or corn flakes. Eating fruits helps to manage weight and boost overall health.Chips : Chips are the most dangerous snacks. Eating them everyday will increase the body weight. High cholesterol in the chips can even cause some stomach problems.
Low sugar fruits : Some fruits like avocado, kiwi, banana, berries are low in sugar. If you feel like craving some sugary items then you can include these in your diet routine.Sweets : Sweets like bakery products, biscuits, chocolate increase chronic disease. 
Sprouts:Sprouts are enriched with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Eating sprouts everyday keeps your immune system strong and healthy.Fried Food :Fried food like chips, salt or sweet coated snacks are very dangerous for health. It may give instant sweetness to the tongue but it may cause many problems after a period of time.
Rotis : Jowar roti and ragi roti are perfect for weight management. Low calories in the rotis are safe to eat for a healthy lifestyle.Maida : Bad cholesterol in the maida may cause weight gain, high blood pressure and  mood swing. 

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