Top 10 Green Veggies to Consume everday for healthy lifestyle
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Which Are The Best Green Vegetables and Why to Take It Everyday :  Top 10 Green Veggies to Consume

For a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet it’s very important to include green veggies in your daily diet routine. Eating green veggies daily can offer plenty of health benefits. Let us see Top 10 Green Veggies to Consume and why to take it everyday. 

Nowadays people are more addicted to non vegetarian food and due to that they are avoiding green veggies in their diet. But eating non vegetarian food is also good but consuming some veggies daily can help to give plenty of health benefits. Here are the Top 10 Green Veggies which you can include in your diet routine.

Top 10 Green Veggies to Consume

1BroccoliBroccoli are high in vitamins, mineras, fibres and antioxidants. Eating broccoli daily helps to reduce inflammation, keeps blood sugar controlled and strengthens the immune system.
2KaleIt contains more calcium per calories than meat. Rich Vitamin K in the kale helps to support bone health and metabolism.
3SpinachHigh in antioxidants and full of nutrients. Helps to protect against diseases and manages blood sugar level. Good for eye health.
4Cucumber Rich in vitamins and minerals. Helps to balance weight, gives deep hydration to the body and lower blood sugar level.
5LettuceRich in beta carotene and folate. Good for healthy skin , bones and eyes. It also helps to remove toxins from the body and control anxiety.
6CeleryIt is rich in nutrients and low in calories. Eating Celery helps to strengthen the immune system, reduces weight, detoxifies your body and reduces blood pressure.
7CabbageHelps to detoxify stomach and colon. Fight with fungal infection, acts as a blood cleanser, rich in iron and sulphur.
8Fenugreek leaves Fenugreek contains nti-diabetic and anti-carcinogenic qualities. Helps to reduce cholesterol, prevents bowel movement, and protects from kidney problems.
9IcebergHelps to provide required vitamins and minerals to the body. Low in calories , cholesterol free and very low in sodium. It is good for overall health.
10LeeksLeeks are rich in vitamin B and folate. Eating leeks helps to keep your digestive system healthy, helps to reduce  weight and fights with inflammation.

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