5 Ways to Consume Methi Seeds for Weight Loss - Methi Seed for Weight Loss
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5 Ways to Consume Methi Seeds for Weight Loss – Methi Seed for Weight Loss

Instead of addicting supplements you can just follow some simple steps to lose weight or to maintain healthy weight. If you don’t like to drink fenugreek water everyday here are some 5 Ways to Consume Methi Seeds for Weight Loss. Following these 5 Ways will help to reduce weight and also give plenty of health benefits. Let us see more about it.

Consuming natural food or including natural ingredients in your health routine or diet routine will always help to keep yourself fit and healthy. Many people do struggle to lose weight and instead they follow heavy workout, supplement, or weight loss methods. But these may give you results quickly but it is definitely harmful for your body. So to keep yourself healthy you must eat good and healthy food everyday.

5 Ways to Consume Methi Seeds for Weight Loss

1. Boiled Methi

This is one of my favourite ways to eat methi. If you have not tried it till then do not miss to try it. All you need to do is wash half a bowl of methi seeds and boil it until it becomes soft. Take out the boiled methi in another bowl. Take a few garlic, curly leaves, jeera, sesame and red chilli. Put tadaka with a little oil, add all the ingredients to it and then pour it into a boiled methi. Eat this with rice, or chapati or roti. It tastes amazing and it has hundreds of benefits for health.

2.Sprout methi

Sprout methi has double benefits for health. Eating sprouted fenugreek helps to fight with diabetes or maintains the insulin resistance and also it improves digestion. Those who are having trouble with digestion then do not miss to include spots of fenugreek in your daily routine. Rich vitamins and minerals in the sprouted methi are also good for your health

3.Include in the Tea

You must be wondering how you can include a fenugreek in tea. Let me explain, soak 2 to 3 tbsp fenugreek in the night and morning, boil soaked fenugreek seed for a few minutes and add your favourite tea powder to it. Soak it and drink with an empty stomach everyday.

4. Consume it as Chutney

This is also one of the best ways to consume methi seed or fenugreek seed everyday. Include 3 to 4 tbsp methi chutney in your meal everyday. Here is how you can prepare it. Soak 4 to 5 tbsp fenugreek seeds overnight. In the morning add, few garlic , one green chilli, 3 to 4 tbsp groundnut seed and soaked fenugreek seed in the jar. Grind all the ingredients and eat along with chapati or roti. For extra taste you can add ghee or butter to it even if it goes well with curd.

5.Eat along with salad

Adding a few tbsp soaked or sprouted fenugreek in your salad and consuming it everyday will help to lose weight. You can add it to your favourite salad and eat it in the morning or in the evening everyday. It tastes great with green vegetable salad or with boiled seed salad. You can try both ways.

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