Shikakai Vs Amla Which Is Good For Hair
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Shikakai Vs Amla Which Is Good For Hair

Are you thinking about which ingredients to use for your hair? Then here is the solution. Many people do use  Shikakai and Amla for hair. But do you know which ingredient is best for hair and when to use these two ingredients for hair? Let us see more about Shikakai Vs Amla.

Shikakai Vs Amla

The best ingredient to fight excess oil, dirt, and impuritiesThe rich antioxidant in the amla fights dandruff, fungal infection, and itchiness
Rich in vitamins C and DRich in Vitamin C and antioxidants
It promotes hair growth Prevents the formation of dandruff 
Prevents hair loss Good for hair and scalp health 
Reduces split endsHelps to prevent premature greying of hair
It is better than shampooTreats itchy or irritated scalp
It makes hair thicker and stronger Increases the blood circulation in the scalp
Maintains the natural shine of your hairKeeps scalp and hair health in check 

If you are suffering from dandruff, itchy scalp, or irritated scalp then use amla. You can use amla shampoo, oil, or amla paste to prevent all these problems. But if you are looking for gorgeous, healthy, and happy hair then shikakai is the best ingredient for you. 

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