Top 5  Best Sprouts Consume Daily
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Top 5  Best Sprouts Consume Daily

Eating Sprouts daily has thousands of benefits for health. Those who eat at least 2 to 3 varieties of Sprouts can enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Let us see what are those Top 5  Best Sprouts Consume Daily and how they are beneficial for health.

Each sprout has different nutrients and all the nutrients in the sprouts are very beneficial for health. Especially for vegetarians it is tough to get nutrients but consuming sprouts can help to balance the nutrients efficiency. The rich fibre in the spouts also helps to reduce weight naturally . 

Top 5  Best Sprouts Consume Daily

1.Mung bean sprouts

This is one of my favourite sprouts. I eat at least 3 tbsp of mung bean sprouts daily for breakfast or lunch. You can also prepare sambar for this and eat. Mung bean sprouts are rich in vitamins and minerals. Also it contains potassium, iron and phosphorus. It’s a high protein sprout. You can also add it in salad everyday.

2.Chickpeas Sprouts

These spouts are a great choice for plant based protein. High fibre and protein in the sprouts helps to improve overall body health. It also helps to control cholesterol, reduce weight and is good for digestive tract function. Eating 100 grams of chickpeas sprouts can help to keep you overall health healthy.

3.Whole Mung Beans Sprouts

These are rich in vitamins and minerals. Low calorie and low fat in the mung beans helps to promote digestion. whole mung bean sprouts are also rich in antioxidants. Eating around 100 grams of whole mung beans sprouts helps to boost energy levels. 

4.Black Eyed Beans Sprouts 

Consuming black eyed bean sprouts  helps to maintain a healthy weight. High carbohydrates in the black eye bean sprouts help to keep your stomach full for a longer time. It is also good for skin. 

5.Kidney Beans Sprouts

Kidney bean sprouts are rich in vitamin c and melatnic. It is also considered a great source of plant based protein. Low calories and high protein in the spouts helps to improve overall health. 

You can consume sprouts directly or add it with salad everyday. Best time to consume sprouts is in the morning with an empty stomach. It’s good for those who wants to reduce weight or maintain healthy weight.

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